About JA

Junior Achievement's business and economic education programs are for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The dynamic interaction between the volunteer and students promotes active learning and brings theory to life.

JA's unique approach integrates program materials, training and support. JA is the successful bridge between education and business.

JA students demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts, particularly those who participate in programs at consecutive grade levels. JA works. But don't take JA's word for it. Our curriculum is evaluated by the Western Institute of Research and Evaluation (WIRE), and their in-depth research proves that "the needle moves" after students experience Junior Achievement. Full evaluation results are available at the JA USA™ website, click on the "Correlations" or "Evaluations" link.

Teachers welcome JA's programs because they enrich student learning and align with curriculum standards. To find out how to bring Junior Achievement to your students contact Angie Houck at (309) 682-1800 or ahouck@JuniorAchievement.biz.


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JA USA™ Fact Sheet

JA USA™ is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

Junior Achievement programs help prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. Students put these lessons into action and learn the value of contributing to their communities.

JA’s unique approach allows volunteers from the community to deliver our curriculum while sharing their experiences with students. Embodying the heart of JA, our 384,925 classroom volunteers transform the key concepts of our lessons into a message that inspires and empowers students to believe in themselves, showing them they can make a difference in the world.

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